Admiralty Legacy

What is it?

The Admiralty Legacy is a way for members to help the Club financially in funding capital improvements or infrastructure replacements through cash donations.

How does it work?

Any member can donate via cash, check, or credit card. The funds are deposited into a restricted account to be used as the Board identifies specific capital projects or infrastructure systems needing replacement. The first project funded by the Admiralty Legacy was the resealing of the parking lot.

Why do we need to have the Admiralty Legacy?

The Club is almost forty years old and similar to home repair and replacements, some of the Club’s systems need to be replaced or need major repair. The Board determines the priority of projects needing attention via a prioritized list. In reality, some systems are moved to the top of the list when something breaks or is about to break and is critical to the operation of the Club.

What do our dues cover?

Our dues help pay for the ongoing Club expenses such as electricity, gas, water, sewer, cable tv, internet, etc. Our dues do not pay for major capital projects.

How can I participate?

Any member can donate, (just click here) either in their name or if they have a business, in the business’ name, or they can donate anonymously. When their donation reaches $1,000, their name or their business’ name goes on the recognition plaque. It is proudly hanging in the downstairs bar where our members hang out.

Can I donate less than $1,000?

Yes, anyone can donate less than $1,000 in increments of $100. When a member’s donation reaches $1,000, their name plate is added.

Can I leave a donation to the Club in my will?

Yes, a member’s name can be added in the event of the passing of the member with a $1,000 donation. Should the donation be less than $1,000, the member who passed will be recognized in the newsletter and forever in our hearts.

Who can I contact to donate?

A member can contact one of the Commodores; Cedric Niiro, Ryan Bradley, & Bob McCrary, or our
Treasurer, Monica Rosenfelt.

Who has donated?

We would like to add more names to the recognition piece. In donating, you are helping the club. The latest name plates added since December 2021 include: Gail and J.M. Kiel, JJ and Kathy Jones, Virginia, and Craig Cooley, Lynn Kastner, Ted & Paula Mihok, and Anonymous.

Thank you to all who have helped the club with their donations.