May 2023

At The Helm

Cedric Niiro
Ryan Bradley
Bob McCrary
Virginia Cooley
Monica Rosenfelt

OHYC Directors:
Rick Almberg
Bob Burnett
Shannon Buys
Don Kaiser
Tugg Thomson
Bill Weinsheimer

Commodore's Corner

All the ballroom refresh has been completed, many thanks to all the volunteers who made it all possible. Scott and Donna Clausen were there every single day making sure every detail was patched and painted, and doing whatever it was going to take to get the job done. Bruce Brown for making the detailed woodwork. JJ Jones for refinishing the pass through to the kitchen. And the following: Paul Belanger, Steve Dahl, Ken Cannizaro, Doyle Lewis, Rick Almberg, Bill Weinsheimer, Russel and Andrea Wood, Laura Wandell and Aaron Hale. It’s projects like these that bring club members together and you get to know your fellow members and their talents. We are fortunate to have such a wealth of knowledge and people willing to help.

Ladies Tea was a great success, many thanks to those who made it possible; Cochairs, Lori Rhodenbaugh, Pam Kaiser, Sara Fisher and Laura Moore. More volunteers; Melinda White, Lynn Goebel, Beth Kelley, Bob McCrary, Don Kaiser, Rick Almberg, Dan Fisher, Ted Mihok and his kitchen crew.

Many thanks to Steve Martin for picture day and for his continuing work on the social committee.

As always you too can help at any of our events and projects. Next up is the outside patch, paint, repair and clean up on Saturday, May 6th starting at 10:00 and may be extended to Sunday the 7th depending on the number of projects and volunteers. 

Our combination Mother’s Day/ Opening Day event is on Sunday, May 14th. The menu looks amazing, and the event is shaping up to be another fun one. Reservations are now being taken online thru the members calendar, or at the bar.

We are a fortunate club. We have so many people with so many different skills and so many people willing to offer their time and talent.

Member Mumblings

An updated Member Directory is ready to be uploaded to the Member Portal on the website.  Sadly, there are many blank spaces where member photos should be.  Check out the directory this month and send us a pic if there’s no smiling face next to your name.  Or send us a replacement pic if yours is rather dated.  To send images or get help logging on to the Member Portal contact us a

If you have not done so, please pick up your 2023 stickers for your membership cards at the bar during your next visit.  Contact the membership team if you need to make other arrangements.

Please contact the Membership Team for questions or issues at the new membership email: 


David and Susan Reynholds

Greg and Judy Hansen

Wesley Hopf

Scott and Vickie Ellis

Fred Ames


Members, please consult the bulletin board at the club for short bio postings on each of these perspective members!

Ed and Cindy Wittmier are residents of Coupeville and own a 30 foot Sea Sport Voyager named Salty Paws.  They look forward to meeting like-minded people who want to explore area waterways.   

Anh and Mark Coble are residents of Oak Harbor and are in the process of purchasing a 1979 40 foot Trawler named Sojourner and it will be docked at Oak Harbor Marina.  They look forward to meeting members who are interested in open water boating.  

OHYC Ships Store

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I would like to talk about big brother big sisters and getting dates for club members with boats bringing out kids with their mentors. Four different weekends and BBQ at the club afterword's being role models for kids coming together. Signup sheets are coming out soon thank you for the support.

Every Thursday night come out and get on the boat with OHYC sail fleet for racing and then come to the club for BBQ and results, everyone welcome.

We’ll be putting up signup sheets to help with Whidbey Summer Classic all members are welcome to the event, members are encouraged to volunteer for the event.

The OHYC sail fleet is looking for backup Race committee when Byran is on vacation please come out with race committee to learn how and what it takes to be a committee for the OHYC sailfleet.  We have Round Whidbey coming up soon and Byran will be on Vacation we need a committee boat for this race and need a volunteer to step up to take an important role for the OHYC to start the race out at the front of Deception state park and finish the race at the R2 buoy outside of Oak Harbor.

The Kayak club will be starting soon and will need support to start the OHYC Kayak fleet with signs and posters. We would love to see the club’s support to bring in new members and be a part of this great new activity.

All are welcome and guests encourage to join.

We need more participation on the Facebook page please send in all your photos of club activity's on and off the water so that we can post them on the FB page and bring in new members to the club thank you.


Whindermere Regatta May 20 AYC

Round Whidbey May 27-28 OHYC

Reciprocal Moorage Captain is Aaron Hale      

Reciprocal moorage is a benefit afforded to our members by other yacht clubs.

Typically, reciprocal moorage may not be reserved in advance and is available on a first come first serve basis.   

To find out which yacht clubs provide reciprocal moorage with Oak Harbor Yacht Club, go to Yacht Destinations.

If you have questions, contact Aaron at:  360.929.0655 Reciprocal

Bar Specials of the Month

Steak Dinner........................................18.00
Includes Salad, Potato

Marinated Chicken Breast...................14.00
Includes Salad, Potato

Mahi Mahi...............................................9.00
Includes Salad, Potato

Chicken Sandwich.................................7.00
Includes Fries or Chips - add Bacon $1.00

Angus Cheese Burger............................6.00
Includes Fries or chips - additional Patty $3.00 - add Bacon $1.00

Angus Hamburger..................................5.75
Includes Fries or chips additional Patty $3.00 - add Bacon $1.00

Dinner Salad & Potato...........................5.50

Johnsonville Beer Brat..........................5.50
Includes Fries or Chips

Includes Fries or Chips

Hot Dog.................................................3.00
Includes Fries or Chips

BAR SPECIAL: Angry Orchard Hard Cider $2!

The Admiralty Legacy

The Admiralty Legacy Grows

It is always amazing and heartwarming to see the generosity of our Oak Harbor Yacht Club members. We glimpsed this generosity again prior to and during the club’s fabulous fund raiser held the middle of May. We have just added the following names to The Admiralty Legacy art piece: Rick Fahnestock/Heather Hartle, Anonymous, Ken and Terri Hulett, Bob Burnett, Roger and Melinda White, Ken and Jackie Cannizzaro, (Jack Holton) Kayak Jack, Anonymous. They have each given $1,000 ear marked in a restricted account for deferred maintenance upgrades and club improvements.

Thank you for supporting the club once again. Please check out the art piece with all the names of the newest donors and those who previously donated. We have room for more names.

Upcoming Social Events

Hey, hey, it’s May!

Be sure to get your tickets for Mother’s Day brunch where we’ll be moving into Opening Day after a fantastic meal! May 14th 2023!

Beautiful days to have brightened up the newly renovated ballroom, bravo to all those putting in time and hard work into making it the masterpiece it has turned into.

The Social Committee is always looking for volunteers to make the magic happen so please let me know if you would like to lend a hand!

Recent Event Photos

Additional News

If you have photos of club events, please send them to us at so we can add them to next month’s newsletter!

Thank you

Steve & Hannah Martin – OHYC Newsletter Editors